Don’t get lost in the details, get lost in adventure.

Though Rapture Travels specialize in exotic, experiential travel, we are equipped to meet the simplest to the most complex desires in wanderlust. More than an advisor, but an advocate of your personalized adventure, we understand that leisure travel means something different to everyone. Whether you’re sunbathing in Miami, or snowshoeing in Antarctica, we’ll navigate the minutia. You do the exploring.

Explore the tombs in the lost city of Petra. Trek across Tasmania’s National Park. Be mystified by the rainforests of Borneo. With Rapture Travels, there is no limit to your leisure.

Rapture Travels surpasses consulting and reaches a degree of vigilant travel design. We’re collaborative. We’re bespoke. We don’t just offer pre-conceived packages. Each trip we orchestrate is completely custom, tailored to yours and/or your group’s individual needs.

About Us

A seasoned traveller herself, Shelley Rapp founded Rapture Travels under the notion that no part of traveling for pleasure should be thoughtless. Under this mantra, we design each trip with purpose and intention.

We are connected through Virtuoso to an adept network of vetted partners around the globe that help hone the Rapture Travels experience. We embody the industry knowledge, fresh philosophy, transparent passion, and a keen eye for polished personalization.

Whether you’re set on a destination, or need a little dose of inspiration from a versed traveller, let us create a journey that is seamless, authentic, and sustenance for your wanderlusting soul.