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Whether you’re sunbathing in Miami, or snowshoeing in Antarctica, we’ll navigate the minutia. You do the exploring.

Though Rapture Travels specialize in exotic, experiential travel, we are equipped to meet the simplest to the most complex desires in wanderlust. More than an advisor, but an advocate of your personalized adventure, we understand that leisure travel means something different to everyone.

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Rapture Travels surpasses consulting and reaches a degree of vigilant travel design. We’re collaborative. We’re bespoke. We don’t just offer pre-conceived packages. Each trip we orchestrate is completely custom, tailored to yours and/or your group’s individual needs.

Explore the tombs in the lost city of Petra. Trek across Tasmania’s National Park. Be mystified by the rainforests of Borneo. With Rapture Travels, there is no limit to your leisure.

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A seasoned traveller herself, Shelley Rapp founded Rapture Travels under the notion that no part of traveling for pleasure should be thoughtless. Under this mantra, we design each trip with purpose and intention.

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From Tokyo's neon-drenched streets to Kyoto's serene temples, Japan offers both exhilaration and timeless beauty.


Venture into the breathtaking wilderness of South America, a land of glaciers, towering peaks, and windswept plains. 


Explore Athens' ancient wonders, sail the turquoise Aegean Sea, and savor fresh Mediterranean flavors in idyllic coastal villages.


Cruise dramatic fjords, witness the magical Northern Lights, and find thrilling outdoor adventures in the land of the midnight sun.


Unwind in overwater bungalows, luxuriate in world-class spas, and explore the vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life.


Witness the untamed majesty of the African savanna, where lions, elephants, and giraffes roam free.

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- anita b.

“Shelley makes it easy and comfortable to travel to remote areas because you know it will be amazing and you will be taken care of.”

- stacy

“Everything was meticulously planned and seamless, from tour guides to transfers and beyond. A VIP experience from the first second of the trip.”

- Nick

“Everything felt like it was tailored to us and it had the perfect balance of organized activity to free time ratio.”

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